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MADHAT Whitepaper
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Contract Address: 0x425c5b7b55f9c981c71935418ed044e79d8080e2

Mad Hatter Society-01_edited.png
Mad Hatter Society-01_edited.png

Mad Hatter Society

Our mission is to provide businesses an alternative to the monopoly created by the large merchant processing companies.  To do this, we have developed a proprietary Web3 gateway and checkout platform that bridges the gap between brick and mortar business with the ever expanding crypto industry. Our platform allows businesses in every category the ability to accept over 1,000 tokens, including micro tokens that are often overlooked.

Businesses both large and small can now harness the power of crypto.  No longer will a company have to wait 3-10 business days for money to post to their accounts.  Our platform pays in real-time allowing a business to manage their own wallet and either hold the tokens in like-kind or convert to fiat.  The choice is 100% theirs.

Our set up process is very simple and takes less then 5-minutes to complete.  To learn more about our platform, please visit 

Tokenomics (MADHAT - ERC-20)

  • Token Supply(Authorized): 1 trillion

  • Burned (VERIFY): 997,500,000,000

  • Decimals: 9

  • New Max Supply: 2,500,000,000

  • Circulating Supply(Outstanding): 13,917,053.02



MADHAT Token Pie Chart.png

How to Buy


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uniswap - Copy.png

Our Road Map


Phase 1 - (2021)

  • Launched

  • Developed Web3 site integration plugin with MetaMask

  • Developed Affiliate Program with AWC

  • Developed

  • Developed

Phase 2 - (Q2 2022)

  • Developed MADHAT

  • Launched MADHAT

  • Adding MADHAT as the native token for AWC Web3 apps

  • Listing MADHAT on STEX

  • Listing MADHAT on 2 additional 3rd party exchanges

  • Listing MADHAT on Coingecko

  • Roll our web injected functions with MADHAT on

  • Grow our members to 50,000 members

Phase 3 - (Q3 2023)

  • Roll out Web3 Merchant Processing

  • Continue to develop utility-based applications for our members

  • Grow our membership to 100,000 members

  • Grow our B2B membership from 100,000 to 1 million businesses

Our AWC Holdings

We are a blockchain centric development company with a focus on integrating Web3 with tangible businesses.  We generate our revenue by breaking down our corporate structure into four (4) specific categories.  In-House Projects (IHP) are products and or services we design, manage and market internally;  Partner Projects (PP) are products and or services that fit are PP criteria. We infuse capital, technology and marketing and share in ownership as well as a percentage of gross revenue; Exchange Listings (EL) are new listings that we add to AWCx.  Fees are generated on a case-by-case basis but normally consist of a listing fee, a percentage of token supply and a joint-venture and lastly, M&A  (M&A) are crypto transactions that are built around traditional mergers and acquisition of which a portion of the revenue generated is distributed to our members.

The following outlines the holdings under each category:

01 / In-House Projects

02 /  Partner Projects

03 /  Exchange Projects

04 /  M&A Projects

The Club




  • Monkey Island

  • Club House

  • FSHN


Consumer Products




  • AWB

  • AWBT

  • AWRT


  • FOTC




  • LEON

  • EIDO

  • BOTZ

  • FSHN




Consumer Products




  • USHX

  • STHZ

  • GBUXr

  • GBUX


  • KWAN 2.0

  • EVK

  • BEL


Funding OTC

  • US Housing Exchange

  • Carbon Credit Exchange

  • GivBux

  • Writers Media

  • The Refining Company

  • HQxpress

  • Order EIDO

Our Ecosystem

MADHAT is the lead token accepted in the Active World ecosystem.  By owning MADHAT, holders receive additional functionally within the network.  Businesses pay a monthly platform access fee of  $49.99 by purchasing MADHAT from our access portal. 

AWC Logo_ON WHITE v1.png
  • discord
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

About Our Dev - Active World Club (AWC)
The mission of AWC is to create a platform to decentralize, democratize and demystify finance opportunities through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Active World Club memberships are tailored to all who have a common desire to foster creativity, trade, and community enrichment. With social censorship being more prevalent than ever, the team at AWC created a safe space for all members to share ideas and opinions, respectfully. Joining our community is fast and secure; simply build your profile to immediately gain access to all AWC member features.

AWC has successfully launched over a dozen token projects, while building out two P2P exchanges, one NFT exchange, Metaverse with Mad Hatter Island, partnership with SOLO and being in the forefront of Web3 implementation. 

To learn more about Active World Club, please visit

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